Spotlight on Spot-lit: Five Irish Projects Chosen to Participate in Spot-lit Literary Tourism Product Innovation Programme

We are moving ahead with the Spot-lit programme, working with partners across Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Finland and Iceland. Following a call-out for proposals, the Spot-lit teams across the partner regions selected in excess of twenty literary tourism related businesses & organisations to be supported through our Literary Tourism Product Innovation Programme. This programme will also include a Literary Tourism Business Exchange Programme where participating organisations in Ireland, Northern Ireland, Finland and Scotland will form a literary tourism-related cluster giving businesses the opportunity to network, transfer knowledge and support each other in the development of Literary Tourism and jointly and individually promote literary products through the Digital App being developed by our Finnish project partners. Today, we are showcasing the five selected Irish organisations. In the West of Ireland, successful projects were selected from across a range of bookshops, festivals, literary organisations and publishing. View the 5 participating businesses from Ireland HERE.




The Spot-Lit Digital App, putting Literary Tourism on the Map!

Spot-lit Project Partner, Kajaani University of Applied Sciences, are developing a digital platform (App) that will serve literature associations, organizations and SME’s to digitalize and create content for literature tourism and provide related products and services. Two additional applications (Android and iOS) will be developed to serve the end users (tourists) to access all the content and services that are digitalized and created. Once published, the apps from any region (N. Ireland, Finland, Ireland, Scotland) will be available for download through the Google Play Store or Apple iOS store to everyone. Example: If a person from Germany is interested to visit Finland, they can download the app and use it regardless of where they are located. The app requires an internet connection to download and will be available for any smartphone. Users can explore authors, local culture, events, interesting places and find all services for a visit (accommodation, transportation, dining….)

What type of content can be uploaded to the app?

​Text descriptions of businesses, authors, culture associations, events, locations and more. Images, PDF files, such as books, event brochures, custom maps, marketing materials and more. What are the benefits of listing your business on the app? The apps will have maps integrated, allowing the app user to see points of interest in his area that are relevant to tourism or culture, such as hotels, museums, restaurants, public transportation, tours, trails and more.

How will the app be promoted/where will it be listed? ​

The application will be listed on the smartphone app stores free for downloading. In the Finland, tourism internet pages will be used to connect regional culture and tourism, while also featuring the mobile applications and the various authors and municipalities of the Kainuu Region.

Online Editor

The online editor is a tool allowing the local municipality/tourism association/culture association to further add, change or replace texts, images, or points of interests on the map. Through the online editor, the Spot-lit project ensures that the content can be kept up to date long after the Spot-lit project has ended.

Add Your Business to the Literary Tourism App

ENGLISH LANGUAGE LINK – Request to add business to mobile application

FINNISH LANGUAGE LINK – Pyyntö liittyä Spot-lit-mobiilisovellukseen

Nine Dumfries & Galloway Businesses take part in Spot-lit Product Innovation Programme

Wigtown Festival Company is excited to announce the nine Dumfries & Galloway businesses that will be taking part in our Spot-lit Literary Tourism Product Innovation Programme. The programme, starting this month, will run for a year and will support each of these local businesses to develop new literary tourism products, engaging with the region’s many literary assets from Robert Burns in Dumfries to Dorothy L Sayers in Gatehouse of Fleet. The programme includes financial investment as well as business mentoring for each of the participating businesses.

Find out more about them HERE

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